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Family and estate law require compassion, in addition to expertise and knowledge, to properly handle. Because these are delicate scenarios sometimes, you need sensitive representation to ensure the procedures run smoothly. Foshee McMullen Law Group, LLC in Milledgeville, GA, is highly skilled in everything from family law to will readings.

Adoption & Legitimation

Adopting or legitimizing is a wonderful way to help your family grow and give a permanent home to a child. When you begin these procedures, you’ll find that this is a legal field that can become bogged down with issues. Don’t stress about handling the speed bumps on your own; let our family law experts give you the support you need, and we’ll work through the process in as little time as possible.


Divorce can be an emotional procedure. If you and your spouse are separating and you’ve both agreed to the divorce, we’re here to provide the  proper legal counsel you need to ensure everything runs smoothly and that you have a caring family law expert on your side. Our team at Foshee McMullen Law Group, LLC has handled many divorces, and we do our best to ensure an amicable and professional proceeding.

Filling Adoption Documents

Estate & Wills

In addition to family law cases, Foshee McMullen Law Group, LLC is highly experienced with estate law, wills, and probate. We guarantee that these cases will be handled with fairness and that the last wishes of your loved ones will be respected in accordance with the law.


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Family law and estate law are emotional areas of the law and can provide many problems if they aren’t handled properly. Foshee McMullen Law Group, LLC is here to assist with all uncontested family and estate law cases with care and professionalism. Call us today to get the legal counsel your family needs during these times.


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